A Brief Overview of AlturnaMats

Crane outrigger pads

There are times when a business or homeowner will need to have work done that requires heavy machinery. The heavy machinery we are discussing isn’t a heavy set of tools, we are talking about large vehicles. Due to the extreme weight of construction vehicles, these machines can wreak havoc on any lawn they come across. The nightmare of having construction vehicles tear up your lawn is a stressful thought. In addition, you don’t want to be stuck with a completed construction project finished, only to be left with a lawn that looks like it has been hit by an explosion.

Altrunamats are mats made specifically to support the weight of heavy construction and maintenance vehicles. These mats are made of high quality materials designed to hold even the heaviest of vehicles, including those weighing up to 120 tons! Not all ground mats are created equal, you’ll want a heavy duty mat that is capable of handling more than a little wear and tear. Alturnamats ground protection mats ensure that both your lawn and the construction vehicles on it stay in good condition.

It is a common concern for people to be worried about not wanting tire treads in their lawn. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Assocation, there are about 8.9 million households that have their own RV. While not as heavy as most construction machines, these vehicles still weigh a lot. Alturnamats offer a speedy solution to not wanting to have a RV rut up the lawn. However, AlturnaMats aren’t just protecting lawns, they are helping to keep these heavy vehicles stable. When considering how much these vehicles weigh, the chances of them becoming stuck in a wet yard can create big hassles for all parties involved. Inferior ground protection mats may end up not being able to safely support the vehicle, leading to the risk of said vehicle becoming imbalanced. The only thing worse than having a lawn rutted up by vehicles is the frightening thought of that vehicle tipping over. OSHA states that, in the United States, cranes must be assembled on ground that is firm. If you are having construction work done on unstable ground, there are many risks that can enter the picture. Much like AMSE stating the importance of outrigger blocking having sufficient strength to prevent failure, so too should your lawn have the strength to withstand heavy machinery.

AlturnaMats are able to easily lock in place with one another, ensuring a tight connection is always made. If you need to create a platform, these mats are especially designed to provide you with a stable and safe one. When it is time to remove the AlturnaMats, you won’t have to worry about a damaged lawn waiting for you to see. The underside of the AlturnaMats are made of a smooth surface, ensuring that your lawn isn’t marked up through the use of these mats. In addition, all you need to clean these mats is a water hose, meaning you don’t need to go and purchase any special cleaning solutions.

In summary, having situations where large vehicles will be on the lawn of your home or business is stressful. However, AlturnaMats offer a solution that provides safety to both property and the work vehicles that will be on it. Keeping your lawn looking like it hasn’t been touched gives you peace of mind. Also, knowing that vehicles are completing their tasks efficiently and safely won’t leave you with a stuck vehicle on your lawn for who knows how long. AlturnaMats can be locked together, create a long path for all vehicles to use. The next time that you know heavy construction vehicles will be on the lawn of your home or business, consider the relief that these mats could bring to this upcoming project.

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