Traits To Look For In A Plumber

At one point or another, we all end up faced with a situation where we need to call a plumber. If it’s a leaky faucet, a washing machine that won’t drain, or a bathtub that refuses to give hot water, we are not the pros. So when the time comes to call a plumber, here are eight top qualities to look for.

1. Punctuality
This is a trait that is essential to a good plumber. Being on time for a job indicates a sense of responsibility and a good work ethic. Punctuality is especially important for plumbers since many times they are working with residential customers who have tight schedules and cannot be waiting around for the plumbing service to arrive.

2. Being Safety Conscious
Look for a plumber who indicates that he is safety conscious. Following safety procedures, and using precautions such as goggles and gloves will demonstrate that your plumber is putting safety first.

3. Experience
If your plumber is standing there looking at your clogged drain with an open mouth, it might indicate a lack of experience. You will be able to see if your plumber is experienced by the way their knowledge is demonstrated when solving the problem at your home. While it is true that everybody has to start somewhere and we all learn from experience, you do want to have someone with experience taking care of your problem instead of an apprentice working all alone.

4. Coordination and Physical Fitness
Many times plumbers have to squeeze themselves into tight areas. Awkward corners, crawling under sinks, and reaching pipes that are in an area where they have to crouch and stretch, are all situations that plumbers have to face. Being in good shape not only ensures that they can do a better job, but it also can give you the peace of mind that they probably are aware of how to avoid getting injured.

5. Certification and Insurance
Make sure that the plumber that you are allowing to work in your home is licensed, because this is the only way to ensure that they are knowledgeable. Having certification and a license will let you know that they will be able to handle the plumbing problems in your home. Also, be sure that they are insured.

6. Ability to Solve Problems
Not all plumbing problems are as easy to diagnose as a clogged drain. Sometimes the problem is connected to another part of the mechanism of the house. A good plumber will be able to diagnose the problem, evaluate the situation, and offer options to solve the problem effectively.

7. Neatness
There’s something to be said about an employee who makes a good presentation. This tells you that they are proud to be working, and they reflect very well on the company that they are with. In addition, it will show you that they will respect your property and do everything that they can to prevent any damage to your home.

8. Communication
Your plumber may be a genius, but if they cannot explain what is going on to you, it will not be a mutually satisfying experience. A good plumber needs to be able to explain what is wrong in terms that you will understand. The next step, of course, is that they will have to explain to you how to fix the problem in ways that you will understand as well.

So when you are looking for a plumber, keep these characteristics in mind. Whether you need a bathroom remodeling, a clogged toilet, a drain cleaning, a dryer vent cleaning, or a water heater repair, a good plumber will be able to handle it for you. Plumbing is not a simple profession at all, considering the fact that leaks can be very serious, wasting 90 gallons of water daily in 10% of all homes. Clearly, plumbing involves science, plus a lot of physical activity, and a lot of interaction with customers. Just as a good plumber needs a good box of tools to do a good job, a good plumber also requires a good set of various skills to do their job effectively.

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