6 Simple DIY Lawn Maintenance Tips to Make Your Home Look Great

What is hardscaping

Good landscaping does a lot of great things for your home. A good landscaping job can bring a recovery value of anywhere between 100 and 200% when the home is sold, according to a report in Money Magazine. The American Public Power Association has found that homeowners can save up to 50% on their air conditioning bills by shading the home through proper landscaping techniques. Lawn repair services companies suggest the following tips to keep your yard and lawn looking great.

  1. Adding mulch to trees can protect them. It can be a real pain to clip the grass around trees. When you put a lawyer of mulch around the trees, you prevent grass from growing in that area, which means you do not need to clip there. It also helps protect younger trees from your lawn mower’s blades. Put a layer of mulch that is four inches deep around your trees. You can upgrade the look by putting in a border of brick, metal or plastic around the mulch.
  2. Prevent crabgrass with a pre-emergence herbicide. As you may have heard in grade school, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is much easier to prevent crab grass from growing on your lawn than to get rid of it once it has gotten a foot hold. Herbicide will kill any crabgrass seeds. If you ever had crabgrass in your yard, you have the seeds. They can live for at least a few years. When you apply the herbicide, you will get rid of the chance that any leftover seeds will germinate and grow into full blown crabgrass, which will also require you to call in a lawn repair services company to get rid of it.
  3. Set your lawn mower blades to the right height. Most landscaping companies recommend setting the height according to the length you want the grass in your yard to be. When giving lawn repair advice, most landscape contractors remind their customers that they can weaken their grass if they cut it too short. When grass is longer, it is stronger and thicker. This will allow the grass to prevent weed growth by crowding them out. The longer grass prevents weed seeds from accessing the sunlight they need to grow. The type of grass you have will determine the correct and ideal height. Grasses that do well in warm climates usually do well if cut to be between one a half to two inches. For grasses that thrive in colder weather, the height should be between two and two to two and a half inches.
  4. Find something besides grass to put in shady parts of your lawn. Grass needs the sun to thrive. On average, it should get between six and eight hours of sunlight each day. There are a few kinds of grass that are able to do well in the shade but, for the most part, you would be better off putting something else in the areas of your lawn that do not see much sun.
  5. Do your lawn fertilizing in the autumn. Many people can get away with doing one main fertilizing job every year. This works best when it is done in the autumn and a fertilizer product that is labeled 4-1-2 is used. The “4-1-2” refers to the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that are in the product. If you are not sure, you should talk to a lawn repair services company.
  6. Skip grass clipping by putting in borders around your lawn. When you add a border to the outer part of your lawn, you can avoid the arduous chore of clipping around the outside of your lawn and you will prevent yourself from mowing down the flowers in your flower beds. Make sure the border is, like the mulch around your trees, at least four inches deep.

Most Americans take great pride in their yards, gardens and lawns. There are more than 398,000 landscaping companies in the United States. We spend a lot of time in these areas and they are a direct extension of your home. You can make your home look even better with a lawn repair services company.


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