5 Things You Can Easily do to Cut Down on Your HVAC Maintenance Bills

Installing an HVAC system in your home is among the many decisions you can make for your family. With the changing and unpredictable weather patterns, having an AC ventilation system becomes paramount. However, you should note that HVAC’s relevance lies with the repair and maintenance efforts you put in place. You should look for an HVAC contractor if you want to improve and maintain the proper functionality of the AC system.

You should also note that to access the right AC repair jobs, explore the market for expertise. This means asking around or seeking referrals from trusted sources. When you find an AC heating and cooling near me, you increase the chances of meeting your objectives. You should also be keen on the reputation of the company or contractor you wish to hire for the AC repair and maintenance work.
The skills and experience level of the contractor is another crucial factor that determines the relevance of the AC heating and cooling unit repair and maintenance services you receive. Consider an HVAC technician who has served many clients in the past and with a higher success rate. You should understand that the repair and maintenance efforts put in place determine the longevity and service you get from the HVAC system.

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The U.S. HVAC industry is worth over $70 billion dollars and employs over 300,000 Americans. While you probably appreciate the healthy boost that HVAC heating and cooling services give the economy from a patriotic perspective, we’re betting you’re not super eager to shell out your hard earned cash on heating and cooling repair. Below is a regular maintenance checklist that could save you a few calls to the heating and cooling contractors and expand your HVAC system’s lifespan to 15 years:

1. Be vigilant of funny noises.
If your house sounds like the set of Saw 2, there could be a few things going on. You could be haunted, hallucinating, or your heating and cooling parts are crying out for help. Popular noises that warrant some preventative heating and cooling services include: shuddering, creaking, metallic moaning, ominous hissing, and the “chug chug chug” sound that reminds you of a 1920s steam engine.

2. Don’t just blame the dog for bad smells.
If your house is full of an unpleasant odor you can’t immediately identify, add the HVAC system to your suspect list. It’s possible that an inefficient system is leaking toxic gas or burning dust in the radiator. If this is the case, you want it on your radar fast.

3. Change those filters!
All air filters in your HVAC system NEED to be changed every three months or so to avoid a huge heating and cooling services bill. Think about it like the lint catch in a dryer. What do you think would happen if you never cleaned it out? Linty clothes and a really weak dryer, that’s what! Maybe even a laundry room fire. Fires are bad, Guys.

4. Look for gunk and rust.
Did you know that the Statue of Liberty used to be copper before acid rain and other elements did their corrosive work? You may be thinking “Well, so what?! Lay off her! It’s not easy being green!” And you’re right. Especially if any part of your furnace is green with corrosion. You don’t have to be an expert to detect oil and dirt build-up and signs of rust or pits in the apparatus. So be vigilant and if things start getting a little worn out, just call the heating and cooling services people already before something blows up.

5. Do “hand checks” for ventilation.
When we vacuum our rugs, most of us train our eye on a particularly offensive cookie crumb and run the vacuum over it to make sure it disappears. The same sort of checks are good to do for anything that moves air. Put your hand next to the air conditioner for example and change the settings. Make sure it’s changing force and coolness between low, medium and high. Adjust your thermostat on a cold day and test the radiator for adequate hot air. These simple checks can alert you to a blockage early. You know, before the haunted house noises kick in.
Of course…
In the end, it’s always good policy to enlist the help of heating and cooling services professionals on a bi-yearly basis. Just like we go to the dentist for a cleaning, your HVAC system needs some TLC no matter how good a job you do of at-home maintenance!

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