5 Landscaping Tips for Office Building Owners

As a business owner, it’s important to change with the times. Many people do this by updating interior decorations. Before thinking about any more interior renovations, it might be time to start looking outdoors. Landscaping has many benefits for both a company and its workers. With that in mind, here are five landscaping tips for sprucing up your office’s outdoor spaces.

  1. Placing Colorful Flowers Around Your Sign

    Nearly everyone entering your office’s parking lot will notice the sign. With that in mind, it’s wise to spruce this area up. You don’t need to purchase a completely new sign. Instead, redecorate this area with a bit of landscaping. You’ll find that brightly colored flowers work well for drawing attention to this sign. That being said, front sign locations often receive a lot of sunlight. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you’re planting flowers that won’t fade.
  2. Setup an Area for Employees

    Every worker wants to know their company cares about them. However, they might not feel that way while spending all of their time cooped up in an office. Considering that, set up a properly landscaped outdoor area for your employees. This is a great space for busy employees to relax and take a break or enjoy lunch. There’s nothing quite like getting away from a cubicle for a few minutes in the sun. During nice days, you’ll likely be surprised at how often workers gather in these spaces.
  3. Planting Trees for a More Productive Office

    If you’re wanting a more efficient office, it’s important to invest in having trees. Statistics from the United States Environmental Protection Agency found that trees reduce outside noise by 50%. This is especially great for offices located near busy highways. In addition, dense trees are able to block sunlight by 95% and heat by 75%. This means not having to deal with a hot and humid office during the summer. In addition, this makes it harder for passersby to look into your business.
  4. Consider Renovating Office Walkways

    Depending on the size of your office, outdoor walkways can receive a lot of foot traffic. Considering that, it’s wise to continually monitor these paths. Not only do broken walkways look bad, they could become major tripping hazards. You certainly don’t want any employees falling down and getting hurt. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your paths are in great condition.
  5. Always Rotate with the Seasons

    Another important tip is to plant flowers that are in season. If not, you’ll likely be dealing with a bunch of dead flowers and plants. Understandably, this isn’t something business owners often have time to monitor. Therefore, you’ll want to consider contacting a landscaping company. In turn, landscapers will make sure that your office has the right flowers and plants for every season.

To summarize, it’s important to focus on the landscaping of your office building. Proper landscaping has many benefits for your company. Statistics from the United States Department of Energy found that landscaping to reduce energy usage saves up to 30% on property heating bills. However, it’s understandable to need the help of professionals when it comes to landscaping. If you’re unable to take care of these matters, contact landscaping services. This ensures that you’re able to work with a reliable landscaping partner throughout the year.

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