4 Bathroom Remodel Ideas That are Becoming Popular

Updated 06/30/22

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the home, so it’s no surprise that it’s usually the subject of a remodel project. To successfully improve the appearance and functionality of a bathroom during a remodel, a design and remodeling company should be contracted for the project. Speaking with the professionals from a design and remodeling company allows you to exchange bathroom restoration ideas for the project before settling on specific design choices for the bathroom remodel.

Popular bathroom restoration ideas include installing a new shower system. This can be done in tandem with installing a new bathroom tub or bathroom model tiles. That said, opting for a shower-tub or shower-tile installation increases the length of time needed for the completion of the project. Inquire about how many hours to remodel a bathroom and the cost to remodel a bathroom shower from your remodeling contractor to understand how long it will take and how much the remodel will cost.

Other bathroom remodel ideas you could consider include repainting, installation of bathroom cabinets and sinks, and the addition of a bathroom fan. While these ideas improve the bathroom’s functionality, it’s smart to ask for a quote to determine if your budget is large enough to execute the project successfully.

One of the finest joys of owning your own property is being able to have a home remodel conducted. With that in mind, it’s understandable to wonder where to start in regards to remodeling your home. Many homeowners consider bathroom renovations when the time comes to remodel their respective homes. In fact, statistics gathered from a surveyed conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that 78% of renovations are done within the bathroom. Considering that, here are four bathroom remodeling trends that are currently popular.

    1. Including Technology in the BathroomOne of the most notable trends that are currently being seen in bathroom renovations around the nation is the inclusion of new innovations. For instance, many homeowners are contracting bathroom contractors to have heated floors placed in this room. You’ll also find that technology remains popular in regards to showers and bathtubs. In fact, statistics show that 10% of all new bathtubs and showers include at least one featured that is considered to be high tech.


    1. Brass is Becoming a Popular Fixture ChoiceIncluding brass fixtures within the bathroom is a situation that will divide many homeowners. It’s understandable that some will enjoy the look of brass fixtures while others might need a little more convincing. You’ll find that brass is making an especially big comeback in bathrooms across the United States. One reason for the popularity of brass fixtures is due to the fact that these items tend to pair especially well with cooler bathroom paint colors.


    1. Accent Walls Remain Extremely PopularYou’ll find that it’s incredibly popular for homeowners to consider some sort of update to their shower. Statistics show that 87% of homeowners that are having their bathroom renovated plan to update their showers. That being said, it’s important to note that not all bathroom design updates focus on including new showers or tubs. For instance, a homeowner might want to include an accent wall in order to give their bathrooms a completely new appearance. It’s especially popular to place an accent wall along the same side of the bathroom that includes your shower. You’ll find that wooden accent walls look especially elegant within a bathroom.


  1. Vanity Lights Are an Important InclusionIt’s becoming important that the modern bathroom makes guests feel relaxed. One of the most popular bathroom remodel ideas is to include vanity lighting in this room. In addition to giving you the perfect space to get ready in the mornings, this type of lighting goes a long way to make a bathroom feel luxurious and relaxing.

In closing, there are several popular bathroom renovation ideas that you might want to consider within your own home. Technological items are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms across the United States. For instance, you’ll find that shower, bathtubs, and even toilet manufacturers are beginning to give these devices plenty of cool technological features. As far as fixtures are concerned, brass is making a big comeback. Many feel that the popularity of brass is due to the cooler paint colors being used in bathrooms. Many modern bathroom remodel ideas focus on placing an accent wall that features darker colors. Lastly, vanity lights remain popular with homeowners that are looking to make their bathrooms more relaxing environments.

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