3 Tips for Choosing an Elevator Maintenance and Repair Company

Regular elevator maintenance is a very important aspect in businesses to ensure the safety of employees and guests. It also enables the quick movement of employees and helps people avoid inconveniences due to delay and lateness. Elevator maintenance plans involve custom elevator troubleshooting and are done by elevator professionals.

Elevator maintenance cost may seem high, but in reality, failure to maintain it is more expensive. It may lead to injuries and damage to buildings if not properly serviced. Other consequences include negative publicity, high insurance rates, and high elevator replacement cost if the old one is damaged beyond repair.

The elevator warranty can reduce the maintenance cost before it expires as the supplier company caters for the maintenance costs until the warranty is outdated. An elevator is an important investment and contributes positively to the life of your business worth. Therefore, effective maintenance of the elevator protects your business venture from unexpected losses as a result of its failure.

Adopting good elevator maintenance practices can make it last longer. Frequent inspection and lubrication can make your elevators more reliable and dependable. The elevator should also have emergency lighting, communication systems, and alarms that work properly. They help in effective communication throughout the building in case of an emergency. Elevator cleanliness is also vital as it portrays a positive image of the company.

Elevators are no longer just for businesses. Residences are realizing the benefits of having an elevator in their home so much that over 10,000 residential elevators are installed each year. With over 700,000 elevators in America alone, it only makes sense that elevator maintenance and repair are important. No one wants to be stuck in an elevator, therefore here are a few things to consider before choosing an elevator repair and maintenance company.


Whoever installed your elevator would be the best option when it comes to elevator maintenance and elevator repair if feasible. They will have parts that are compatible with your elevator in the event that it needs repair or new parts. Whether you have had commercial elevator installation or private in home elevator installation, check with the manufacturer to see if they provide maintenance and elevator repair before beginning your search.


Obviously you are not the only person to consider a commercial or residential elevator installation company, so ask around. Ask other companies or even friends and family who they use for their elevators maintenance. They may be able to provide references that you can choose from. Call around and ask questions. Inquire about cost of a typical service call, how many service calls they perform. This gives you an idea of their expertise, how many customers they have and what their elevator repair and maintenance record is like.

Communication and Safety

Ask about their technicians. How they hire them, how they check them, and what kind of screenings they go through. Ask about calls, do they have someone available at all hours of the day, or only during business hours. Ask about safety standards, where they are located and whether technicians are aware of them. Ask how they ensure that their technicians are following those safety standards? The more questions you can ask that get answered the more comfortable you will feel with this company.

No matter whether you have a residential elevator or a commercial elevator, you want to ensure that is is safe and functioning properly. Even if you don’t have any problems with it, they still need to inspected and maintained. This is why finding the right company is so important. With proper maintenance you can ensure that it continues to work well with no issues.

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