3 most common types of flooring Washington DC

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If you are in the market for DC flooring, you will be glad to know that there are now so many wonderful options to choose from. With the right choice, you can enhance the aesthetic value of any room in your home. At the same time, with the right floor, you can increase the value of your property. So to help you find the right floor for your home, here are the three most common types of flooring Washington DC.

One of the most common types of flooring is hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring is what many people choose because it offers a natural beauty that other types of floor cannot offer. They are also very good investment. Some people fail to consider that wood is an economical and environmental friendly choice. The truth is, wooden floors can last for centuries and they are highly recyclable. You might want to check out hardwood floors Washington DC if you want quality floor that is also environmentally friendly. The different common wood floorings are oak, maple, hickory, beech, walnut and others. Scuffed wood flooring DC can be restored to it its natural beauty by refinishing. It also improves its quality. The right choice of wood can make your home more valuable and beautiful.

Another type of flooring is linoleum. Linoleum comes from the Latin term linum, meaning flax, and oleum, meaning oil. These are the main ingredients of linoleum. Linoleum offers many advantages. It is easy to maintain. All you have to do is to clean it is to mop it clean. It is also very affordable compared to the other types of flooring. And it is very durable. This is the reason why it is what people consider when choosing floor for a high traffic commercial area. Linoleum comes in different thickness so one can choose the most appropriate for the room.

Carpet Washington DC is the another type of floor. Carpet Washington DC is what people choose when they want elegance and luxury. When it comes to the carpet fiber, an excellent choice would be wool or wool blend because of it is durable and can easily be dyed. Wool blend is generally 20 percent acrylic and 80 percent wool. This is a good choice for carpet Washington DC. Basically, the different types of carpets washington dc are needlefelted, flatweave, woven, knotted and tufted. Aside from these options, you can choose between two carpet Washington DC options, the traditional carpet and the tiled carpet Washington DC. The traditional carpet comes in roll and must be installed by the manufacturer or the carpet installer. The tiled carpet Washington DC comes in tiles and can be easily installed into any room. The good thing about tiled carpet washington dc is that it is also easy to repair or replaced. Parts that are damaged can simply be replaced with another tile.

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