Month: July 2017

Glass tile Kitchen backsplash ideas Tile for backsplash

A Brief Overview of Peel and Stick Tile

Updating your house is one of the major perks of home ownership. You might be unaware at what you want your next project to be. It’s time to take a look at your walls. Placing tile over your walls adds color and style to any room.… Read More
Air compressor tubing Compressed air piping material

A Good Shop Layout Takes the Air Compressor Into Account

If an auto body shop doesn’t give enough attention to their compressed air piping layout, they will run into an improperly operating system. When running properly, a compressed air distribution system can cost less money than an improperly run one. There are three main problems that can cause a drop in air pressure, however when these problems are addressed the compressor piping may actually use up less energy overall.… Read More

The dog days of summer have arrived! Many parts of the midwest are victims of some very high temperatures this second week in July 107. In fact, many people are finding themselves dealing with the high and humid temperatures one day after another in places like Omaha, Nebraska, and Rushville, Indiana.… Read More
Bamboo floor Bamboo flooring samples Natural bamboo floor

The Many Benefits of Bamboo Flooring for Your Home

When you think of bamboo, it is possible that you think of many things before you think of bamboo flooring. For many, the idea of bamboo is one that takes them back to the shoots they might see in the wild, or to sticks kids use to play with.… Read More
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