10 Things to Be Aware of When Owning a Home

Owning a home is like being in a long-term relationship; it’s full of surprises, requires a lot of commitment, and you’re always learning something new (whether you want to or not). Just when you think you’ve got everything under control, your house throws a curveball your way—a leaky roof, an invasion of ants, or a mysterious noise that keeps you up at night. It’s thrilling (in a ‘please, not again’ kind of way), but that’s the charm of calling a place your own.

Before you start thinking it’s all doom and gloom, let me reassure you that it’s not. Owning a home is also incredibly rewarding. Picture this: That first cup of coffee in the morning in a kitchen you renovated to your perfect taste (bliss). But, to keep the good times rolling, there’s a little secret to making the most out of home ownership, which involves being prepared. Know what you’re getting into, roll up your sleeves for some DIY, and most importantly, don’t hesitate to call in the experts when you’re over your head—especially expert home inspectors. You’ve got this!

1. Know If There is an HOA

Finding out if an HOA (Homeowners Association) lurks around the corner is crucial before you make a home your own. You know, those folks who decide the color of your mailbox isn’t to their liking? Yeah, them. It’s not all bad, though—sometimes they keep the community pool so sparkling you’d swear mermaids were in charge.

But here’s the trick: ensure you’ve done your homework before you sign on the dotted line. A quick visit to the homeowners association website can clue you in on the rules (No hot pink flamingos? Say it isn’t so!), fees, and if they’re the friendly or the picky type.

Now, if you’re thinking, ‘I’ve got this; I don’t need any help,’ remember our pal, the expert home inspector? They come in handy here too. These pros don’t just look for the sneaky leaks and creeks; they can also give you the lowdown on the HOA vibes. They’ve seen it all and can tell you if you’re moving into a rule-happy community or one that’s more go-with-the-flow. (And hey, if the HOA is too much, don’t sweat it. There’s a world full of homes with your name on one of them—flamingos and all.)

2. Be Aware of Plumbing

Plumbing is like the veins of your house, often out of sight and mind until something goes wrong. (And boy, can things go sideways in a hurry when they do!) That’s where expert home inspectors earn their keep, scouting out any mischief lurking in the pipes. A good plumber, though, is worth their weight in gold, especially when you’re about to buy a home. Imagine moving in and finding out the shower’s more of a trickle than a torrent. (Not the best start to a Monday, huh?)

Expert inspectors have an eye for trouble, spotting issues you wouldn’t even think to check. (Who knew that an innocuous-looking faucet could herald the apocalypse?) They’ll give you the lowdown, possibly saving you from a future indoor swimming pool you never asked for. And if problems crop up, a savvy plumber can swoop in, saving the day and your bank account.

3. Update Your Roofingf

Just like with plumbing, the roof over your head needs some love, too. Think of it as your home’s hat—it’s gotta look good and keep the rain off your parade. Now, expert home inspectors come in super handy here. They’ll eyeball that roofing like a hawk, pointing out if it’s on its last leg or still has a few good years left. (You don’t want your first DIY project to be catching rainwater in buckets, right?)

And if they tell you it’s time for an update, don’t freak out. Roofing comes in more flavors than your favorite ice cream shop. You have options, from solar tiles that’ll shave bucks off your energy bills to environmentally friendly green roofs that make your place look like a floating forest. (Who wouldn’t want their sky-high garden?)

But here’s the kicker—updating your roofing doesn’t just dodge leaks. It could boost your home’s curb appeal so much that your neighbors might just start turning green with envy. And, hey, if the inspector’s report has you wondering if you’re better off living under a bridge, remember, roofs are fixable. (Bridges, though? There is not so much cozy living space there.)

4. Consider a Backyard Refresh

Getting your backyard in shape might not be the first thing on your to-do list, but it’s worth a look-see. Imagine hiring an expert home inspector who, after giving your house a thumbs up, wanders back and says, ‘Wow, this could use some TLC.’ That’s your cue. A backyard refresh could mean anything from planting a few flower beds to going out with a new deck. And for those big dreams, you might want to ring up a patio builder. (Honestly, who knows how to properly lay down pavers without watching a zillion YouTube tutorials first?)

Think about it: a little revamp back there, and your backyard could become the go-to spot for summer BBQs. A patio builder can help turn a drab concrete slab into an oasis you never want to leave. (And who wouldn’t love a reason to spend more time outside, especially when you’ve worked hard to keep rainwater out of your living room?) Spruce up the space with some comfy outdoor furniture, add a fire pit, and bam—you’ve got a backyard that’ll make your neighbors ask, ‘When’s the next get-together?’

5. Take Care Of Your Car

Just as your home deserves a bit of pampering, so does your car. Think about it — your trusty ride gets you from point A to B, braves the weather (rain, shine, or the occasional hailstorm), and doesn’t complain about the coffee spills. It’s about time we showed our four-wheeled friends some love, right? Now, you might wonder, ‘Where do I start?’ You don’t need to be an expert home inspector to know that a squeaky garage door is a no-go. Scheduling an appointment with a garage door repair company is a no-brainer. (Because, honestly, who enjoys that nails-on-a-chalkboard sound every morning?)

But it doesn’t stop there. Regular checkups go a long way. (Think of it as your car’s spa day, minus the cucumber eye masks.) You know, oil changes, tire rotations, the whole shebang. It keeps everything running smoothly, so you’re not stuck on the side of the road googling, “Why is my car making that weird noise?” And while you’re at it, why not give it a good wash and wax? Your car will look so spiffy that you might not recognize it. Who knew a little tender loving care could make your ride feel almost brand new? (And secretly, isn’t it nice to have the shiniest car in the neighborhood? Just saying.)

6. Have Regular Inspections

Just like visiting the doctor keeps you in tip-top shape, getting your house checked regularly by expert home inspectors ensures your humble abode stays sturdy and comfy. They’re like detectives for houses, sniffing out problems you wouldn’t notice until it’s causing you a headache (and not the kind you solve with aspirin). Now, don’t roll your eyes at the thought of HVAC inspections.

We’re talking about your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It’s not the sexiest topic, but ensuring they function well means you won’t freeze during a blizzard or melt in a heatwave. (Trust me, you don’t wanna be that person fanning themselves with a magazine all summer.)

And here’s the thing—you’ve got options. There is no need to stick to the same old routine if it doesn’t suit you. Maybe you’ll find out your insulation’s not up to snuff, or your windows are as drafty as a castle. Whatever it is, these pros can spot it before you’re throwing blankets over the windows trying to keep warm.

Plus, think of all the energy (and cash) you’ll save when everything’s running efficiently. It’s a win-win situation. (And hey, maybe it’s a little fun playing host to the inspector, showing off the nooks and crannies of your place. Just maybe don’t offer them a detective hat—they’ve heard that one before.)

7. Pay Attention to Exterior

Maintaining the outside of your home isn’t just about keeping up appearances. Expert home inspectors always stress the importance of a good once-over on the exterior. Think of it as giving your home a quick health check.

Cracked or chipping paint? It might be the first sign you’re ready for some touch-ups or, heaven forbid, a full siding replacement. And trust me; you don’t wanna find out you need new siding after the water has made itself at home in your walls. (Water’s a terrible tenant, by the way—never pays rent on time.)

Now, don’t just stop at the paint job. Check out those gutters, too. It’s kinda like cleaning your room; you never know what you’ll find up there. Leaves, tennis balls, maybe even a bird’s nest (feathered friends not included). Keeping gutters clean prevents water damage and saves you a bundle.

And here’s a little secret: sometimes, a good power wash is all your home needs to sparkle like new. It’s amazing what blasting away a year’s worth of dirt can do for a house’s soul. (Yes, homes have souls. Don’t argue.)

8. Make Sure You Purchase Insurance

Moving on from the nuts and bolts of physical maintenance, expert home inspectors highlight another shield for your sanctuary: insurance. Now, you’re thinking, ‘Insurance, really?’ But hear us out. It’s not just about having a backup plan; it’s about sleeping tight, knowing you’re covered. Whether it’s a minor oopsie or a major ‘Why is there a tree in my living room?’ moment, the right policy’s got your back.

Home and auto insurance often come hand-in-hand, offering a package deal that’s ripe for the taking. (Because why protect just the castle when you can also cover your trusty steed?) Think of it as a strategic move, not a tedious task. You’ll thank yourself when you dodge that financial bullet thanks to a comprehensive policy.

Consider this: without insurance, that water damage from earlier could drain your wallet faster than your clogged gutter. And those expert home inspectors? They’ll nod in approval, knowing you’ve got the foresight to protect your biggest investment.

9. Inspect Your Appliances

After you’ve got your insurance sorted, don’t forget about those faithful helpers hidden in plain sight: your appliances. We’re talking about your fridge that’s seen better days and the oven that’s been your trusty sidekick through countless pizza nights. These unsung heroes of the household deserve a checkup too. Expert home inspectors emphasize the importance of keeping an eye on them—not just for safety but also because appliance repairs can really put a dent in your wallet if things go south. (And nobody wants to spend their Saturday figuring out why the washing machine has started its own indoor pool.)

It’s a good idea to have someone professional take a look-see now and then. They can catch those sneaky signs of wear and tear that you might miss. (Because who really knows what the back of the fridge is supposed to look like, anyway?) By spotting issues early, you’re not just saving future you from a headache; you’re also potentially extending the life of your appliances.

10. Know Contractors

Knowing who’s who in the world of contractors is like having a VIP pass to the smooth-running home club. Think of a house contractor as the director of a blockbuster movie; they call the shots to ensure everything looks good in the end. But hey, finding the right one isn’t always a walk in the park. It’s more like speed dating. You meet a bunch, chat them up, and hope you click with someone who gets your vibe (and doesn’t ghost you after the first meeting).

Expert home inspectors often have the scoop on which contractors have a solid track record. They’ve seen the good, the bad, and the “what were they thinking?” sides of renovations. (And trust me, you don’t wanna end up as a cautionary tale.) Chatting with an inspector can shed light on who’s who in the fixing biz and who’ll likely fit your project like a glove.

Besides, word of mouth is gold in the contractor world. Ask around. Your neighbor’s cousin’s best friend might just have the perfect recommendation. Remember, a great contractor doesn’t just fix stuff; they make the process painless. (Because who wants to micromanage when there’s enough on your plate?)

Remember, finding expert home inspectors is akin to discovering a rare gem. Once you’ve got them, treasure them. Because, at the end of the day, they’re the magicians making sure your castle stands strong—and isn’t that what every homeowner dreams of? And hey, while the path to perfect home maintenance is fraught with potential pitfalls (cue dramatic music), with the right team by your side, you’ll find yourself navigating it like a pro. (Just remember to keep those expert home inspectors on speed dial—you’ll thank yourself later.)


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