Why You Should Install Chimney Liners

Steel chimney liners

Chimney liners can be strange things indeed. The Chimney Swift, a bird, nests in chimneys during the summer months. Apparently, they like the soot and the creosote, which cause fires in 15,000 homes a year. Typically, chimney flue liners and chimney covers prevent this. These chimney flue liners and chimney caps are made of stainless steel, making them very easy to clean. Chimney flue liners and caps also prevent buildup of dangerous gases.

What kind of gases could be found inside an improperly installed chimney flue liners? Creosote is one gas inside chimney flue liners, as are other gases. When they interact with more acidic atmospheric moisture, this causes a chimney fire. Steel chimney liners eliminate the need for chimney cleaning. Yes, they are considered lucky in Britain to see on a wedding day, but chimney sweeps are a hassle to corral.

The tallest chimney in the world is at 1,378 ft, at a coal station in Kazakhstan. No doubt, it and other power stations have excellent chimney flue liners. Should you not also install one? Contact a chimney supply company, and see what chimney flue liners they have available. After all, nothing is better for a chimney than a professionally installed chimney liner.

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