Why Acoustics is an Important Part of Building Design

Sound insulation

Acoustics and soundproofing are important elements of safe design for homes, schools, hospitals, offices and musical spaces. Acoustic building products like soundproof wall panels come in a wide range of styles and colors, making them an important element of aesthetics as well. Controlling sound and acoustics has many practical aspects, such as improving workplace productivity, promoting healing in hospitals and learning in schools.

Studies have found that when there is continuous background noise in classrooms, students have trouble in hearing the teacher and in concentrating. Soundproofing classrooms produces better learning outcomes, and is a simple and effective way to help students achieve their best results.

Continuous exposure to loud sounds over 45 decibels has been shown to contribute to the incidence of heart disease. Conversely, quiet environments are suitable for healing, and hospitals have found that when soundproofing is added, patients recover faster and better.

For all homes, and especially those located near highways or busy streets, trains or airports, soundproofing can become a basic quality of life issue. Studies have found that prolonged exposure to loud noises above 85 decibels can lead to hearing loss. Acoustic ceiling panels and soundproof wall panels effectively block out loud noises, making your home a comfortable and safe environment. They also help to increase its value.

Workplace productivity is adversely affected by both loud noises and continuous community noise. Architects and designers employ a variety of methods, adding soundproofing to walls and ceilings and using baffles to muffle sound. Improved concentration leads to greater workplace productivity.

Studios and concert halls
For musicians and performance spaces, sound quality is very important. Ceiling clouds and soundproof wall panels can help to produce clear sound without echoes and distortion. For rehearsal, recording and performance spaces, the right kind of sound insulation panels can make all the difference.

Soundproofing is practical and aesthetic
Soundproof wall panels and other acoustic building products like decorative laminates are both practical and beautiful. They come in a range of styles and designs that can complement any kind of building decor and theme.
Soundproofing a building or a small area is a simple matter, and with materials like soundproof wall panels, it doesn’t have to be disruptive. It does however have to be carefully planned, and should be done by professional designers who understand how to use tactics like adding mass, damping, decoupling and filling air gaps.

With decorative laminates and other soundproof building materials, designers and architects can achieve a number of effects that produce a more comfortable and attractive environment for essential human activities.

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