Want to Change Your Home? Here Are 3 Low-Cost Tips You Can Tackle This Month

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What home project do you want to tackle next? You may want to change the bathroom design scheme, or come up with better closet solutions for the clutter, or perhaps you would love to switch out the carpeting for hardwood floors. No matter which change you are itching to make, take the time to plan it out properly. It is easy to make adjustments in the planning stage, but not so much once you begin.

How to Change Up Your Bathroom Without a Major Remodel.

Our bathrooms tend to be utilitarian and cluttered, at the very least. Few people are satisfied with their bathroom. It is a small room, to start with, and is prone to humidity and smells. For this reason, any additions should be made of sturdy, water resistant materials. Take care to choose items that will make the room feel more expansive. Paler colors, pictures of landscapes or far-off horizons, and shiny surfaces all give the illusion of more space. A potted plant such as succulents, or even a small vase of flowers can also make the room seem fresher. If nothing else, cutting down on the bottles in the shower, and clearing the counter of clutter certainly opens up the room.

Closet Solutions Are Really About Cutting Down Excess.

The greatest closet organization system in the world cannot make a hoarder’s closet neat and tidy. This is not surprising news. While it is statistically unlikely that you are a hoarder, what is likely is that you are holding on to one or twenty pieces of apparel that could be donated or tossed. Keep this in mind when planning how to maximize your closet space.

Does Upgrading Your Flooring Equate to Hardwood Flooring?

Perhaps hardwood is the epitome of a fine floor because it has such longevity: when properly maintained, it can last about 100 years. Pretty impressive. Hardwood or tile floors are also a bit easier to clean. Carpets need to be frequently vacuumed and are recommended to be professionally deep cleaned every 12 months, or 18 if you want to stretch it. But hardwood and tile flooring can be… expensive.

Have you considered vinyl tiling? Do not let the name fool you. Vinyl tiling has come a long way. It can actually mimic hardwood floors, or tile floors. It will, of course, not feel exactly like these natural and much more expensive materials. But Vinyl tiling is a great option for those who want to make a big difference in their home, but perhaps do not want to pay a big lump sum to do so.

When you want to make a home improvement happen but don’t have the time or money to make a big change, just think small. It is, after all, the little touches that make a house a home.

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