The Basics of a Roofing System

In this video, you will learn about the basics of a residential roofing system. The system is highly advanced and contains numerous aspects that go beyond just keeping water out of your home. A proper roofing system keeps your attic cool and dry and makes it an all-around better experience in your home.

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A leak barrier is one of the most important parts of this system. It protects vulnerable areas of your rook from leaking, such as around chimneys. Next, roof deck protection is essential. It keeps from water getting under the shingles and spreading into your home. This gives long-term protection and adds to the life of your roof.

Installing the metal drip edge is extremely important. It prevents water from dripping underneath the first row of shingles, as well as down the side of your home. This is a crucial part of the system. Lastly, starter strips are installed on the roof. These strips have a factory adhesive that is strong and prevents any winds from physically ripping off your shingles. All of these different aspects factor into having an effective residential roofing system.

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