Raise the Roof: Easy, Straight-Forward Tips for Finding Reputable Commercial and Residential Roofers

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UPDATED 11/2/22

There could be dozens of roofing companies and organizations in your area. Customers who need roof replacements won’t usually want to hire more than one roofing professional team, although that could become necessary. Homeowners who want a good roof will sometimes need to get help from a second technician group after the first group made an error of some kind. A roof can be put together using a simpler process.

If you’re able to speak with effective residential roofing experts at the beginning of this whole project, getting a new roof will be that much easier for you. It’ll also cut down on possible issues down the road. A roof is not easy to build, whether it’s a metal roof or a roof built using clay tiles. That said, the trustworthy roofing companies will truly provide their customers with a better service than other businesses ever could.

They’ll be more familiar with every aspect of the construction industry, especially regarding roofing. These roofers will know how to successfully respond to any problems that do emerge, particularly before those issues begin to escalate. Well-respected roofers have typically spent years or decades building up those solid professional backgrounds and reputations. You might find positive reviews of them from years ago.

Roofing requires several considerations regardless of whether it is repairing an existing roof, a new house or roof replacement. Working with professionals helps you understand the different residential roofing options and designs to suit your needs. All roofing materials have their unique features that include slate shingles, wood shakes, metal roofing, clay tiles and asphalt shingles. The right kind of roofing material depends on the function, design and price.

Various alternative roofing ideas include built-up roofing, solar shingles, single ply roofing, standing seam roofing and clay roof tiles. Our support team will help you understand the best roofing alternatives for your house.

The most popular roofing material is asphalt roofing products. Asphalt shingles are easy to use, cheaper and offer maximum protection for your house. They are also easy to install and repair. Asphalt products are manufactured in different colours to suit your preferences. They are suitable for sloped roofs and all types of roofing materials.

The best quality metal roofing materials have roofing shingles that are recyclable and have high hail and fire ratings. They also have beautiful aluminum shingles and are designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions. The finishes are durable and long-lasting to resist staining and fading.

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Created by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), National Roofing week takes place during the first full week of June and is designed to raise awareness across the United States about roofs and the importance of commercial and residential roofing maintenance while emphasizing the importance of hiring only professional roofing contractors. But hiring the right commercial or residential roofers is easier said than done.

Unlike finding general contractor services or home remodeling contractors, finding a roofer may take a little more time, research, and dedication. That’s usually because of all the different kinds of home service contractors, the roofing industry is notorious for unlicensed and uninsured fakes. This is especially true in neighborhoods where there a lot of elderly people, as these fraudulent roofers often feel they are easier targets to prey on.

A tell tale sign of these fraudulent roofers is that they often come knocking on the doors of the elderly a day or so after a big storm, saying that extensive damage was done to their roof and they they can fix it immediately for the right price. A professional roofing contractor would never do such a thing. Considering how important a roof is to the overall integrity of a home or structure, this is especially troubling!

Luckily, the gig is pretty much dead and the word is out on these fraudulent commercial and residential roofers. Thanks to the ease of communication provided by the internet and social media, people now have a platform to share their experiences with general contractors, roofers, electrical contractors, plumbers, and other home service professionals in the industry. This has made it easier than ever to expose fakes and give credit where credit is due to professional and licensed roofing contractors.

Trying to find the best commercial or residential roofers may seem like an incredibly daunting task, but it has gotten a lot better thanks to professional organizations like the National Roofing Contractors Association and customer awareness. Since your roof plays such an important role in keeping you and your family safe, you should never, ever, ever put off its maintenance because you think you won’t or can’t find a reputable roofer.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind that will make your search for the right commercial or residential roofer easier and more productive than ever!

Shop local, stay local

Whichever commercial or residential roofers you decide to go with, make they’re a local company that’s within the community. This typically means that they have a fairly established reputation in the community that you can easily fact check and verify. You can always turn to your family, neighbors, coworkers, and others than you know in the community who have used this roofing contractors services to hear their experience in working with them. Many people find that getting a referral from someone close to them makes them feel more at ease and comfortable in choosing a particular roofing contractor.

Licenses and registration please

A professional roofing contractor should always have a state license as well as the necessary worker’s compensation and liability insurance — add they should always be willing to prove it to you without hesitation or resistance of any kind. And never hesitate to ask to see the actual, physical certificates and license. Be sure to call the insurance carrier and check with the state to verify that they are indeed valid and current. This kind of evens out the playing field and can put you at ease because you’ll know that service being performed for you is protected under the appropriate security of coverage.

The price is right…right?

Price is something very important but it isn’t everything! Far from it. You may think that lowest price means you’re getting the best deal but did you know that cheap bids actually dive the market down and should be avoided? Think of it this way; the commercial and residential roofers that carry the proper insurances has an overhead that they have to recoup, meaning that should be factored into the bid. Aim to get at least 3 different bids to be safe.

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