How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Spring

Undertaking garage door spring repair as a do-it-yourself project is both an interesting and a learning process. Most people will opt to hire a garage door spring repair service provider. That comes at a fee. You need to also hire someone who is well-versed with this kind of repair.

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You will need to start by purchasing the springs. Of course, you want to get rid of the old or broken ones. How do you know that your garage springs are aging? You will notice that the garage door starts to weigh more as the steel becomes less resilient. The force needed to lift the door will increase tremendously. That will ring a bell that the springs are nearing the end of their lifespan. It is time to find new garage springs. But you should not buy from just any store despite the many options available.

It is ideal you find a reputable store where you can buy new garage door springs. A pair of these springs cost about $25. Once you have them, you can kick-start the repair process. Start by opening the garage door. This will help you get rid of the old garage springs that need replacing. You can now disconnect the lift and safety cables. You can now remove the old springs and attach new ones. Once done, you can lubricate and start testing the new springs.


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