Don’t Flush A Good Business Opportunity!

Water saving toilets

If there’s one thing that every last commercial facility in the whole world needs (aside from walls, roof, doors and electricity…) it’s bathrooms! This means that owners who are planning to build or renovate their space will need to consider what kind of commercial toilets they need, and how many of ’em. Modern toilets have all kinds of features that set them apart from the public toilets of decades past. They’re typically low flow (meaning they use less water per flush than older toilets), and they’re usually pressure assisted toilets, meaning high pressure is applied to force wastewater into the sewage system. This can be handy, as you never know who’s going to be using your commercial toilet, or what they’re going to leave in it!

Contemporary toilets are often compact, and surprisingly inexpensive per unit, which is great news for planners and builders who might need to fill multiple commercial restrooms with a total of many fixtures. And, of course, you’ll have to foot the bill for installing these fixtures as well. So finding affordable commercial toilets that will make your employees and customers happy, but can do so with relatively little ongoing maintenance, can be important to your business. And for many types of business, having a good restroom facility can really set you apart. Have you ever noticed how nice the restrooms are in a typical Starbucks? They’re almost always large, single occupant restrooms with highly pressurized toilets and high heat, high pressure air dryers for your hands.

If you want to hold your business to a similarly high standard of customer comfort, remember that choosing good commercial toilets can be a part of that initiative! For more information see this:

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