Do You Have a Home Problem That Is Really BUGGING You?

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The joy of living in a location like Tucson is that you can avoid the cold winds and the heavy snows that other parts of the country experience. Year round swimming, golf, and tennis, mean that residents in the Southwestern part of the state can enjoy long active days. Unfortunately, the lack of cold weather means that termites also enjoy long, active days. With no freezing temperatures to interrupt their life cycle, termite infestation can be a problem for some home and business owners in the warmest parts of the country. Although termites, can be found in many locations, they are often more common in warm weather locations.
If you live in a home that has had a termite infestation, or you have traveled to a hotel and brought bed bus back to your home, you are likely all too familiar with the services of a pest control company. In fact, pest control services are often a standard in many parts of the country. From the warm Tucson weather to the cold temperatures in Alaska, pest control services are a valuable investment that can help you protect your home and business.
Whether You Are Battling a Termite Infestation or You Have a Rodent Problem, Pest Control Services Offer Are Essential
In addition to carrying disease and allergens, cock roaches, rats, bed bugs, and other pests can cause damage to your property if they are not eliminated. Fortunately, pest control services can help home and business owners deal with termite infestations and other bug and rodent problems:

  • Pest control services provide monthly contracts that include all of the necessary services that you need, in addition to coming out for unexpected problems that you may have in between those service calls.
  • Research indicates that 99.6% of pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the past year. This percentage has remained unchanged since 2013, but represents higher instances when compared to five, 10 and 15 years ago.
  • One female bedbug can lay more than 200 eggs during her life cycle.
  • Finding your pest problems early helps eliminate damage. Avoiding pest problems all together with regular pest control service calls keeps these problems from even happening.
  • Estimates indicate that Americans spend about $9 billion a year controlling fleas.
  • Species of fleas have been found throughout the country. In fact, nearly 1600 species of fleas have been identified throughout the world. Further research indicates that 95% of these species live on mammals and 50% live on birds.
  • Statistics show that bed bug problems can happen almost anywhere. For instance, The top three places where pest professionals report finding bed bugs are 95% in apartments and condominiums, 93% in single-family homes, and 75% in hotels and motels.
  • In an average year, termites are responsible for $1 billion to $2 billion in property damage.
  • One estimate indicates that termites damage approximately 600,000 homes in the U.S. every single year.
  • Not only do rodents carry disease, they can also cause even greater problems. In fact, it is estimated that 25% of all fires attributed to ?unknown causes? are probably started by rodents gnawing on gas lines, electrical wiring, and matches.
  • A termite does not need much room to squeeze inside a business or a home. In fact, these tiny pests can enter a structure through a space as small as 1/32nd of an inch.
  • Letting a termite, or other pest control problem, go unnoticed can lead to even greater damage. Having a service contract with a pest control specialist can help you make sure that you are doing what you can to protect our property.

  • Home damage can be significant if termites are not exterminated.
  • Even a half inch or quarter inch hole in a structure allows a rat or a mouse a point of entry.
  • Locating the source of a problem is a pest control specialists priority. For instance, they know that rat?s territory, or home range, is generally within a 50-foot to 150-foot radius of the nest. A mouse, however, usually lives within a 10-foot to 30-foot radius of its nest.
  • Pest control services help property owners protect their investments.

Tackling termite infestations and other problems often require PROFESSIONAL HELP. Instead of battling your insect and rodent problems, doesn’t it make sense to call in a pest control expert?

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