roof maintenanceAll over the country in big cities like Indianapolis or in small towns like Marfa, Texas, roof maintenance and repair is famous for being a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The struggles to find the right materials and contractors to fit your budget and quality needs can seem endless. The simple fact is that when all is said and done, the main thing we all desire is a durable roof with some great longevity. With that in mind, it may be a shock to learn nearly 80% of homes in the United States use the same roofing material. Asphalt shingle roofs are actually on four of every five homes in the USA. This is an extremely impressive number and for a good reason. The reasons listed here will help even those who don’t own their own roof repair company understand why this is such a popular roofing choice.

Low Cost and High ROI
Need I say more? Asphalt shingle roofing is claimed to be, by a number of roofing companies, one of the cheapest options on the market. It’s truly impressive the amount of bang for your buck this material choice can offer you. With a return on investment of around 60%, this choice for roof installation will basically pay for itself.

Simple to Install
Any contractor would be happy to hear you want them to install asphalt shingles since the process is straightforward compared to other roofing choices. Generally, it’s a simple prep, measure, and nail them in type of situation. A few things to look out for though is you should try to install them before cold weather hits, and never install these shingles on a roof with a less than 2:12 slope.

Plethora of Options
The color choices alone would sell you on this roofing. If you desire a little extra street appeal for your house, this roofing material will allow you to customize it exactly the way you want. Not only are there design options, but you can actually choose between organic or fiberglass shingles. Finally, for you environmentalist out there, this roofing is even recyclable. With this roofing installation, you can have everything exactly the way you want it.

Respectable Longevity
How would you like to go 20 to 50 years without having to worry about your next roof replacement? Then you should be at peace converting to asphalt shingle roofing. This may not be the roof material with the highest longevity, but for the price, it doesn’t have much better competition.

Choosing the right roof for your house may never be a simple task during roof maintenance, but perhaps choosing to convert to asphalt roofing could save you a little stress during your roof maintenance. We depend on roofs to protect against hail, rain, snow, and any other number environmental attacks we may face. No one wants to make the wrong choice. So try not to stress, take a deep breath, and just let the shingles fall where they may.

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